TMH Qualified Products and Services
TMH creates entertainment technology. We provide solutions to industry-wide problems. We make things that have never before existed. We set world standards and pioneer new markets.
Our knowledge, technology and designs are available from a variety of industry partners and in a variety of forms. TMH Qualified products are proven to suit their intended purpose.

TMH Sound System

Starting as an experiment to determine the "bit rate of reality", the Home TMH Sound System has earned high praise from expert reviewers and the general public as a stunning breakthrough in entertainment excitement. Installation of the Home TMH Sound System is available from a highly select group of dealers.


Whise Loudspeakers and Subwoofers

amazingly powerful, pure bass through patented technology

the whise Profunder 624 passive sub woofer (pictured) provides unsurpassed audio features, flexibility and performance in a premium styled package. the amazing performance of the 624 delivers low distortion extreme SPL with exemplary transient capability and detail.

TMH Bass Manager

the industry leader for bass management.

bass manager

the tmh bass manager is the only bass management device on the market that has tunable output channels, a necessary feature for optimal playback on any speaker/subwoofer arrangement.

TMH Filteroo

the highly acclaimed filter from the tmh bass manager.


the 7th order elliptical filter used in the bass manager, now improved and available as a stand-alone unit.

TMH Balanced Box

don't your signals deserve the best balancing?

balance or unbalance your signals accurately with this dedicated balancing/unbalancing box. interfaces seamlessly with the other tmh products. this 10/4 box has superlative performance.

TMH Switcheroo
switch between 10.2 or 7.1 discrete analog inputs to either 10.2 or 7.1 channel loudspeaker systems. create the ultimate home theater installation or hi-fi demo room, or blaze the trail with 10.2 cinema.

TMH Qualification

are you qualified? with TMH Qualification and Room Development services, you can count on phenomenal sound quality, reliability, and the most cutting edge surround sound installations in the industry.

tmh also offer electro-acoustical consulting for a range of applications, including high end home theatre and professional recording and post production studio construction. the working knowledge tmh has amassed over the years can help with solutions to any acoustical design challenge.


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Tesseract Model One
3-way active high-powered loudspeakers designed by tom holman for screening rooms and dubbing stages
TMH Approved Test Tapes
calibrate your multi-channel system with high precision