TMH TASA Certification Request Form

Is TMH qualified to test my trailers soundtrack?

Yes. TMH is qualified by the MPAA to test the soundtracks of all trailers submitted to the MPAA.

Our certification process is two-fold. After receiving the elements from you -- the distributor, production company, or director -- we test the audio tracks. The second step, if it passes, is to issue a formal certification document to the MPAA. If it fails, we notify you and have you resubmit your soundtrack.

How do we start the process?

Email or call us! You can reach us 24 hours/day - 365 days/year. We are here 'round the clock. We know your schedules can be tight, so we strive to meet your needs at whatever hour you need us.

Phone: 323-878-0212
Fax: 213-559-8348
Email: TASA EMAIL (click the link)

Okay we called, now what?

The first step is to fill out a TMH TASA request form. This form contains specific information about your project. Fill out as much as you know. It's okay to leave some fields blank. You can find the pdf form here or in the big yellow box at the top right of this page:

TMH TASA Certification Request Form

I've filled out my form, now what?

Either fax or email it back.
Fax: 213-559-8348
Email: TASA EMAIL (click the link)

We've finished mixing, where do we send our tracks?

We accept soundtracks in two formats: a SOUND ONLY PRINT or discrete audio files via FTP.

We can arrange to have the print picked up at your lab of choice OR you can have your lab or mixing facility send us the final .aiff or .wav files from your final mix.

Please call or email for FTP Instructions.

What specifically do we send for TASA certification?

You must send us the final version of your mix -- If it is a print, it must be struck from your final sound negative which was derived from your Dolby MO disc. We do not require picture since we only test the audio. It is often cheaper for you to request this as a "sound only print" from your lab.

If you are FTP'ing files, these must have come from the final mix session. These will be checked against a final production print to verify authenticity.

If you did a 5.1 mix for your trailer you will be uploading 6 individual files to our FTP. If you did an Lt/Rt or Dolby SR mix you will only be uploading 2 individual files. If you did both a 5.1 and Lt/Rt you will be sending 8 files total.

How do we know if we've passed?

We tell you. If you pass and we have your email address, we will cc: you on the certification email that goes to the MPAA.

What if our soundtrack fails the test?

If you fail, there are several options for correction. Some options will require a re-test fee. We will contact you immediately if the soundtrack does not pass.

How much is the service and how do we pay:

Payment is $425 USD. We accept checks by mail or credit card using either the paypal or google checkout payment buttons below. If paying by check, please contact us for mailing instructions.





What is TASA?

"The TASA Standard" is an audio standard for motion picture trailer volume. It was developed by the Trailer Audio Standards Association at the request of The National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) to address audience complaints about excessively loud trailers.

TASA employs a measuring technique called "Leqm" that quantifies sound with an emphasis on the sound frequencies that are the most annoying to audiences.

Not all "loud" sounds irritate an audience to the same extent. The irritability of sounds to an audience is frequency and duration specific. For example, breaking glass at 85 decibels is far more irritating to an audience than a foghorn at 85 decibels.

Rather than simply measuring "volume," the standard seeks to measure "annoying volume." The current upper volume limit is Leqm 85.

The TASA Standard has been voluntarily adopted by all of the MPAA member studios.

If you are having a film rated by the Classification and Rating Administration (CARA), your trailer must be submitted to the MPAA's Advertising Administration for approval. The MPAA will only approve theatrical trailers certified as TASA compliant.